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Situated within one of the most important marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean sea, on the west side of the Greek island of Rhodes, the LAMAR Fish Farm and the wider protected area is the natural habitat of an amazing array of fish, large marine mammals, rare underwater plants and algae.


All photos and videos on this page have been shot on site, during actual Marine Biology Cruises.

A unique aquatic world

The stunning biodiversity of the area combined with its pristine and protected location, free from human activity, pollution and marine traffic, makes it the ideal place for Greece’s first sustainable marine ecotourism project. Discover a virtual marine utopia where its guests are provided with a unique educational and adventurous experience.

Join us in an exciting
marine adventure!

During our tours you will enjoy educational visits to the nearby marine farm and its onshore facilities, snorkeling and scuba diving trips, swimming and diving with dolphins and other large fish!

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Marine Biology Cruise

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00-14:00

Alimia Day Trip

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, 10:00-16:00

Four Islands Trip

VIP offered upon request 10:00-17:00

What is included?

Let us guide you through this amazing experience!

Learn from an expert!

How much do you really know about Aegean’s marine life?

Our expert marine biologist will guide you through all the exciting details of the Aegean Sea, its fauna and flora! You will learn about how an exemplary fish farm works, the ecosystem developing around it and learn about the unique benefits of aquaculture, its nutritious value to people and its contribution to protecting our seas.

We will have a 90% chance of being visited by dolphins.

Visit a fish farm

We visit Strongyli and LAMAR fish farm, located inside a protected area; it is an exclusive treat for those who love the sea and marine life.

Operating at the highest of standards, the LAMAR fish farm contributes to the preservation and flourishing of a rich aquatic environment around the Strongyli island, where a rich ecosystem prospers.

Swim with fish in crystal blue waters!

Put on your goggles and start snorkeling around and INSIDE the fish farm cages.

Have you ever swum with thousands of fish?


Throughout our short boat trip to and from Strongyli and Makri islands, there is a 90% chance that we meet dolphins, a testimony to the quality of the waters and the protected status of the area.

Who knows? They might even join you during swimming, snorkeling or diving!

A Visit to Alimia

Alimia island, located between Rhodes and Chalki, is a wonderful summer adventure destination. With a diverse coastline that engulfs pristine beaches and challenging diving sites, Alimia is offered for both the adventurer and the traveler.

You may explore the island, hike or stay at sea for swimming, snorkeling or even try SCUBA

(Offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Visit to Chalki

Chalki offers a rough landscape and amazing blue waters, that create small bays and beaches. Our first stop is at Areta Bay, or Cyclop’s bay, as we call it, inspired by Homer’s adventure with Odysseus and the Cyclop. After a swim through the canyon you will discover a cave out of legends and make memories for the rest of your lives.

In Chalki, with its main settlement spread across a beautiful bay and the hundreds or colorful neoclassical houses, creating a intriguing mosaic for your eyes, we enjoy a delicious sea food lunch, with fresh fish from our farm, specially prepared for you in a traditional tavern, just by the sea.

(Included only in the VIP Four Islands Tours)

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