Diving Excursions

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Explore the breathtaking underwater world of Rhodes

Blutopia team can show you the underwater treasures of Rhodes and the nearby islands better than anyone else!

Are you a qualified diver? We take you by boat to the best diving sites of the area! Experienced instructors will guide you to the amazing underwater world of Rhodes and offer you a memorable experience.

This is simply because we have been diving in these waters for many years and have located Rhodes’ best diving spots for you to dive.

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Blutopia Marine Park Dives

We take you for an unforgettable dive in Blutopia Marine Park near the fish farm in Makri islet. There, in the open sea, you will live an unparalleled experience diving under conditions of safety and respect for the marine animals and the ecosystem with large tuna fish, dolphins, sea bream, sea bass, yellow tail, groupers, and many other species of fish as well as octopus, sea stars, sea urchins, oysters, clams and many more! This unique experience is offered to you by Blutopia Marine Park for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea!

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Underwater Wrecks and Caves

We also take you to explore the underwater mystique environment that surrounds the ship wrecks in the underwater world of Rhodes, Chalki and Simi or we organize for you a truly amazing experience by guiding you to the underwater caves of Lindos, Pentanisos, Kritinia, Monolithos and Chalki.

The safety of our operation is of paramount importance and all dives have been designed to be a safe and high quality experience, scheduled upon request for groups of max. 8 divers.

Not a qualified diver? Please visit our diving school and get your first certification in as soon as 2 days!

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