Marine Biology Trips

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An educational, relaxing and fun activity for the whole family

Our innovative marine biology trip will guide you to the amazing world of marine life in a day you will never forget!

During this half-day boating trip around Blutopia Marine Park you will visit our fish farm at the Makri islet to feed the fish and you will learn how the sea breams and sea basses that are sold in all over Europe are raised! Furthermore you will visit the nearby onshore facilities at Kritinia and watch the personnel preparing the fish for shipment inside the controlled environment of the unit.

For the duration of the Marine Biology Trip a dedicated marine biologist will provide you with information about the marine life of the area and if you choose to snorkel a certified and experienced diver will help you spot and identify the inhabitants of the Park!

Watch, listen to and dive with dolphins and large fish

Explore the clear waters and pristine nature of Blutopia Marine Park and watch the dolphins as they swim and play with the waves next to our boat! Discover the dolphin language through the use of special hydrophones that we have on board our boat and learn how they communicate.

Fancy a small shot of adrenaline? Try our snorkeling in Rhodes option and take a dip to watch the dolphins and hear their whistles and clicks. Watch also large fish such as 200 kg tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean barracudas swimming beneath you in their natural home and observe the stunning underwater world of the Park.

An educational and entertaining activity for families

The Marine Biology Trip is an activity for the whole family. Come on board our boat and watch the dolphins as they play with the waves, learn about sustainable fish farming by visiting the sea bream and sea bass aquaculture and its nearby onshore facilities, explore the Park’s underwater world by snorkeling and swimming around the boat and get to know animals and microscopic creatures of the sea. The boat departs from the Skala Kameiros port at 10am every Monday & Thursday. A reservation is required at least one day before the trip. Please be there on time!

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