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Diving in Rhodes

Want to visit the most exciting scuba diving spots around Rhodes and the nearby islands? Together we will explore the area’s unique marine life, discover rare fish species and be amazed by the beautiful underwater formations, mysterious wrecks and astonishing caves! Let yourself be guided by our experienced instructors around the best scuba diving sites of Rhodes and the neighboring islands, from Kamiros Skala to all small islands Alimia, Nipouri, St. Theodori, Halki, Tilos, and Simi.

Blutopia Marine Park

Makri Islet & Marine Farm

Join Rhodes’ no.1 destination for marine life spotting to experience what is like to dive with dolphins and large fish such as 200kg tuna! Spot lobsters, shrimps and other marine organisms. Situated within one of the most important marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea Blutopia Marine Parkis Greece’s first and only private marine park and the natural habitat of an amazing array of fish, large marine mammals, rare underwater plants and algae.

The impressive biodiversity of the Park combined with its pristine and protected location, free from human activity, pollution and marine traffic makes Blutopia Marine Park the ideal place for diving. Besides dolphins and fish you can spot rare underwater plants and an impressive range of marine life organisms and crustaceans. For non-divers, Blutopia Marine Park offers the Marine Biology Tour.


The shipwreck of ALISIM-1 at Strogili islet

Kyristanis Wreck at Halki Island

Halki Wreck at Alimia


Halki Shrimps Cave

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