Dolphins, Fish and Flora

text dive with dolphins

Dive with dolphins and spot amazing fish in their natural habitat

Experience what is like diving with dolphins, tuna fish, rays, manta ray, and other large marine creatures. These breathtaking marine animals can be watched not through the glass galleries of aquariums and marine zoos but in the open water as Blutopia Marine Park is their natural habitat! Besides marine mammals and large fish, the Park is replete with hundreds of fish species such as the European sea bass, the devil ray, the grouper, red scorpion fish, the sea bream, the greater weever, the red mullet, the croaker, the red porgy, the eel, the golden grey mullet and many other endemic and rare species!

text underwater plants

Identify amazing underwater plants, algae and marine organisms

Blutopia Marine Park is an exemplar of the area’s exceptional biodiversity. Dive and spot the Park’s different species of sea anemones, the endemic and protected species of Mediterranean seagrass, the brown algae of cystoseira biocenosis and many other important plants and algae. Observe the Lithophyllum lichenoides communities forming spectacular coralligenous reefs that are home to hundreds of species of fish and to a large array of invertebrate organisms such as crabs (Pachygrapsus marmoratus and Maja squinado), mantis shrimps, red lobsters (Palinurus elephas), the small European locust lobster (Scyllarus arctus),   the Mediterranean slipper lobster (Scyllarides latus) but also sea snails (Charonia lampas, Bolinus brandaris), sea worms (Microcosmus sulcatus), starfish such as the red comb star (astropecten aranciacus) and the Mediterranean feather star.

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