The Blutopians



Savas Chatzinikolaou

Blutopia Marine Park founder and managing director

“Blutopia Marine Park is the realization of my dream to combine marine education, respect for the environment, adventure and fun”

Savas is the heart of Blutopia Marine Park. A marine biologist with an M.Sc. in Aquaculture and marine resource management, Savas during the last 25 years has been involved in numerous projects that range from scientific diving research projects to business initiatives such as sea sponges aquacultures and fish farming in many parts of the Aegean sea.

Passionate with the sea for all of his life, Savas became a diver and founded the first diving school in Rhodes back in the early 1980s. Since then, he has been training divers in Rhodes and Athens for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), ANDI and SSI. He has also worked as an ichthyologist in Rhodes hydrobiological station and composed numerus scientific studies such as that for Simian Shrimp (Plesionika narval).

In 2007 Savas founded Blutopia Marine Park off the west coast of the island of Rhodes near the islet of Makri where he also runs a successful sea bream and sea bass fish farm unit.

Sava’s vision has been to combine tourism with education, fun, adventure and the promotion of a greater appreciation for the earth’s fascinating natural marine habitats. His dream became true with Blutopia Marine Park, Greece’s first marine ecotourism park that combines all these features in the stunning and unspoiled marine ecosystem of western Rhodes.



Dimitris Manolaras

Manager and Diving Instructor

“My ambition is to provide high quality services and an unforgettable experience to the divers and visitors of Blutopia Marine Park”

Dimitris is an IT engineer that got seduced by the sea from a really young age.
His love for the sea made him spend his leisure time in the blue waters of the Aegean and soon he became a Scuba Instructor and a boat captain. After having worked for almost a decade in various IT roles and climb to the top of the ladder, Dimitris left his promising career and the office life in order to follow his true passion, to explore the wonders of the underwater world of the Greek seas.

What started as a hobby back in 2012 turned into a way of living and Dimitris has now 7 years of experieence in sailing and diving around Greece. His activities have been always related to the sea. Windsurfing, offshore sailing and wake-boarding, just to name some. His hobbies gradually became a lifestyle and led him to many adventures, some of which unfolded in the Dominican Republic, where he explored the Caribbean Sea as an Open Water Scuba Instructor. At the same time, he participated in volunteer actions including the protection, conservation and growing of corals. During winter, he works in the commercial field of diving, as inspection diver for the Blutopia marine park and its local fish-farm.

Dimitris became a “Blutopian” in 2018 to fulfill his lifetime ambition of helping people discover and experience the amazing underwater world and the natural beauties of the Greek seas, fostering at the same time respect for its fragile natural ecosystems.

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