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Explore, Learn and Have Fun at Blutopia Marine Park

Situated within one of the most important marine ecosystem of the Mediterranean sea, on the west side of the Greek island of Rhodes, Blutopia Marine Park is Greece’s first and only private marine park and the natural habitat of an amazing array of fish, large marine mammals, rare underwater plants and algae. The stunning biodiversity of the Park combined with its pristine and protected location, free from human activity, pollution and marine traffic, makes it the ideal place for Greece’s first sustainable marine ecotourism project. Blutopia Marine Park is a virtual marine utopia where its guests are provided with a unique educational and adventurous experience.

Our visitors can choose from a range of predetermined or personalized activities including boating tours where they will enjoy diving with dolphins and other large fish, educational visits to the nearby marine farm and its onshore facilities, snorkeling and scuba diving trips.

Let the team of Blutopia Marine Park guide you to experience, appreciate and enjoy the marine life in one of the richest fauna and flora reserves of the Mediterranean Sea!

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